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Julia Dreams of Chili

This actually happened. Between 5am and 6:15am Saturday morning, I dreamt about chili, as the smell of it’s simmering wafted through my room. Unsurprisingly, it made for a pretty weird Saturday morning slumber. The source of this bean-inspired REM? A stubborn self-sabotaging desire to eat post-ski homemade chili. There must be a better way than … Continue reading

Urban Adventures and Apples

When I came back from PG it was at the end of one of the driest and sunniest summer’s in quite some time. For a week, I was living in a sort of strange alternate universe where October is sunny and hot. Then, the switch. It’s very much rainy, and wet, and…just so very Vancouver. … Continue reading

Karmic Pizza

I am a firm believer in the universe. I like to think it’s looking out for me, and that my karmic tally leaves me in a pretty good position to lead a pretty good life. I try to listen for signs and cues to confirm whether I’ve chosen a correct path in life. Yes, super … Continue reading