Avocado and Bicycle Against the World

I am unemployed. It’s super awesome. Hah. Aside from finding a worthy job, my goal for right now is not to gain weight. Nothing says winning at life like being pudgy and jobless. I shouldn’t leave out, living at home. And being single.

This looks like garbage when I see it all laid out like that.

Thankfully, I am a pretty positive person, and more than that, I know this is the right move so…whatever. I deal with being horrendously uncool for a while, then reap the benefits when things start to fall into place. This is how it works…right? Right?!?!

Now, keeping things within reason without gainful employment has been…difficult. Firstly, as mentioned, I live with my  mom. There are things in this house that I would not even consider buying at the grocery store because of my awareness of their destructive powers. Like Dark Chocolate Velvet ice cream. And homemade custard. And Purdy’s chocolate. These are some worthy and powerful opponents.

I was explaining my predicament to a friend last night (while out for dinner no less) and she said that she finds her relationship with food and work to be the opposite. So many workplaces have a steady flow of donuts, muffins and other treats. Thankfully (I am genuinely thankful for this) I can rarely eat any of these due to my previously referenced 74838 allergies. Add that to a strict budget, and you have one restrictive brown bagger, able to keep food consumption in careful check.

Finally, as mentioned, I was out for dinner last night. My idle hours have so far been filled with a lot of visiting. This sometimes leads to meals. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Vancouver, including lots of new ones that I’m eager to try. Last night we ate at Wallflower on Main, splitting gluten-free macaroni and cheese and a panini with hummous. So good. Then we drove up the street to East is East for soy chai. Good god.

The result: I’m struggling a bit. And biking a lot.

My careful plan to cancel the calories by bicycle has a serious drawback though. The unemployed single girl who lives with her mom tends to show up places kinda sweaty and gross.

I am one hot mess. But thankfully under the surface of that hot mess is a well-fed but so far still fit person.

Another result of the carefully balanced gluttony/fitness, and free time, is the digging for some interesting new recipes. Yesterday I made almond butter fudge to bring to my cousin who I went to visit. The results were quite tasty and SO EASY, so I’ll likely post about it another time when I take some better photos. I also made paleo pancakes on Monday morning because, long weekends are made for pancakes, and why not. They also turned out ugly but good, so I will have to make them again at a time when I am willing to take some pride in my work. Sheesh.

Today, part of my inspiration was: a functioning blender.

I started making green smoothies in Prince George and was totally into the results. Turns out, blending massive handfuls of spinach in with a few other ingredients actually produces something yummy, edible and healthy. Sadly, my blender died on my last day in Prince George. Convenient for the packing, not so much for the mess of semi-blended ingredients from the recipe below I ended up eating for dinner one night.

My go-to green smoothie (from, surprise, Detoxinista) includes:

-two handfuls of spinach

-1 cup of almond milk (I prefer Silk Unsweetened almond milk)

-squeeze of lemon

-dash of cinnamon

-1 ripe banana

-a few ice cubes

-sweetener of your choice (I am Splenda obsessed, and added two packs)

When I was considering my options for dinner tonight, I’d already eaten a banana, so that one was off the menu. Next to the bananas though, a pile of avocados I’d bought the other day, now at the perfect stage of ripeness.

Inspiration is ripe. Ha.

Inspiration struck.

Having lived in Vietnam, I’ve drunk a fair number of pretty fantastic smoothies. One I never tried, which is quite common there, is avocado. Avocado is a fruit after all, but like the humble tomato, I tend to think of it in a savoury context only. But it’s creaminess made me think it had some serious good potential for a smoothie.

So I consulted my dear friend Detoxinista, and sure enough, a chocolate avocado smoothie recipe. Game on avocado.

This recipe is about as simple as it gets:

-1 ripe avocado

-2 cups unsweetened Silk Almond Milk

-2 tablespoons cocoa powder

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1 tsp vanilla

-sweetener (once again, I used 2 splenda packets)

The result…

I want to still be drinking this…

A seriously thick, creamy and rich tasting smoothie. I am totally in love with this. Coming in at 330 calories for the lot (it makes a very large serving) this is a very filling and nutritious meal replacement.

But, I feel like I should attach a warning to this. As with most things with me, it comes with a story.

I was celebrating a milestone with some friends, and brought my favorite gluten-free and vegan loaf from Choices. It’s chocolatey and super moist, made with tofu, which I think is what gives it so much moisture. I am obsessed with it, and think it tastes pretty close to normal-person chocolate cake.

I gave my friend a piece assuming he’d find it just as delicious, but all the same, warning: “I think my tastebuds may have changed to adapt to the way I have to eat…”

He agreed. He did not like the cake at all. I’m fairly certain had I not been around, he would have had some choice words for those stupid hippies and their weird food.

I suspect it’s the same with this drink. If you are expecting a McDonalds Chocolate Shake…just, no. However, if you are an adventurous granola-y eater like me, this drink is fantastic, and I hope you’ll try it.

So just for today, I didn’t have to break out the bicycle to counteract over consumption of any sort. Tastebuds, tummy and waistline are all feeling peachy keen. All that remains is the small matter of all that important life stuff.


3 thoughts on “Avocado and Bicycle Against the World

  1. Yes, said cousin is thrilled with your fudge squares you brought over. Thankfully her waistline management is on hold due to other priorities related to feeding a tiny cute squishy thing.

    And yes, you have heaps going for you, aside from your talents with prose and gourmet. Ride it out and the pieces will all fall into place. So says fellow hippie child, and be sure to meditate and visualize your positive result. Can I hear an Om?

  2. good tip! i’ve made an avocado-banana shake for years… it’s delicious and i don’t need to add sweetener if the bananas are really ripe… one avocado, one banana, a bit of vanilla, and some milk (you could use almond milk), creates two breakfast-sized servings pretty much. it’s not too sweet, pistachio-coloured (so hip) and it is MOST DELICIOUS. but your disclaimer applies… its “healthy” tasting…

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