Posted in October 2012

Happy Eggs, but Definitely Eggs

“I’m vegetarian, and I don’t eat eggs. I do eat eggs in things, but not on their own.” You can imagine why it was confusing for people to wrap their heads around my diet when I was a kid. Especially in a world that was not quite as Whole Foods-culture obsessed as it is now. … Continue reading

Urban Adventures and Apples

When I came back from PG it was at the end of one of the driest and sunniest summer’s in quite some time. For a week, I was living in a sort of strange alternate universe where October is sunny and hot. Then, the switch. It’s very much rainy, and wet, and…just so very Vancouver. … Continue reading

Avocado and Bicycle Against the World

I am unemployed. It’s super awesome. Hah. Aside from finding a worthy job, my goal for right now is not to gain weight. Nothing says winning at life like being pudgy and jobless. I shouldn’t leave out, living at home. And being single. This looks like garbage when I see it all laid out like … Continue reading

Homecoming Muffins

The lower mainland is home, and I’m not sure why I continually have to remind myself of this fact. I returned from Prince George almost three years to the day that I returned from Vietnam. There were a lot of differences between the two. Three years ago, I was: heartbroken, concussed, stitched…etc. This homecoming included … Continue reading

Karmic Pizza

I am a firm believer in the universe. I like to think it’s looking out for me, and that my karmic tally leaves me in a pretty good position to lead a pretty good life. I try to listen for signs and cues to confirm whether I’ve chosen a correct path in life. Yes, super … Continue reading